5 Reasons You Need A Layover On An International Flight


I know people are hesitant to book flights with long layovers during their travels but sometimes it’s necessary.  My trip to Bali needed a long layover.  It takes over 20 hours to reach Bali from the east coast of the US.  No one should stay on a plane that long.  Here are 5 reasons layovers are needed.

#1 Stretch and Move

You shouldn’t sit for that long.  Airlines already have limited legroom on many flights unless you snag a business or first-class seat.  That isn’t  a possibility for most of us, so we get up intermittently and stretch our legs.  Although that’s better than sitting for extended periods of time, the space is still limited.  If you love a window seat or get stuck in a middle seat  you are less likely to get up and stretch or walk around as often as the aisle sitter.  On a layover, you get the chance to get off the plane stretch and walk around.  The body needs movement and blood flow.  Prolonged sitting will wreak havoc on the human body.

#2 Decompression

The airplane is a compression chamber.  Flying at various high altitudes makes your ears pop and can make your sinus cavity feel congested.  Everything in your body is compressed.  The ear popping alone can cause pain in your ears especially if you’ve recently been sick.  Getting off the plane for a couple of hours gives your body a chance to rest from the pressurized cabin.

#3 Good Food

There are no gourmet chefs aboard flight that I am aware of so the airplane food from a warmer is all that you get.  Having the chance to deplane for a few hours gives you a chance to at least have a fresher meal than airplane cuisine.  And depending on the airport, you may find a very nice gourmet meal at a restaurant.


#4 Bathroom Break

Many people have public restroom anxiety and the restroom on a plane can be a source of that anxiety.  It’s a very confined space and typically there’s a line to get into the few lavatories on a plane. Although airport restrooms are still public spaces, there is a little more comfort there than on a plane and there are more restrooms in airports.  There still may be a line but comfort and spaciousness will likely outweigh the fact that you must wait in a line.

#5 Lounge access

Depending on the length of your layover you may benefit from lounge access in the airport.  Some lounges have showers and sleep spaces where you can freshen up and stretch out for a nap.  It’s also a good place to grab something to eat and drink.  Not to mention it’s also a place where you can quickly charge your electronics and jump on the Wi-Fi for some connectivity to the rest of the world.  Lounges are perks that have a fee associated with them or come along with high mileage travelers’ benefits.

We always want to just get to our destinations quickly but sometimes the body and mind need a mini break along the journey to the destination.  Don’t frown up at your flight connections.  Take full advantage and get a quick self-renewal and break from being in the air with a nice layover.

What is your favorite airport to layover during your travels?  Are you intentional with planning layovers?  Comment below.

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  1. This was a great blog post, Ingrid! For domestic flights, I try to avoid layovers. However, I definitely understand why having a layover during a long, international flight is very beneficial! Thanks for sharing these helpful travel tips!


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